Version Française

Software with a dedicated page


  • For Atari 68030 (TT, Falcon, MagicMAC, Aranym)
  • Video player
  • Video maker

  • For Atari 68000 (ST/STE, Mega)
  • Video player
  • Video maker

  • For every Atari
  • Programming language
  • English and french versions

  • For every Atari
  • Record the system calls of any program.
Color TT

  • For Atari TT
  • Redesign the desktop
  • Color icons, background, fonts, start sound
STDESK (ex Color STE)

  • For Atari STE, ST, Mega ST
  • Redesign the desktop
  • Color icons and windows
  • Sound at startup
APL 68000

  • For (nearly) every Atari
  • APL Language, GEM interpreter
  • Patch for TT/Falcon/CT060
DOS Programs

  • Written by myself or others
  • Exact count, biorythms...
  • With PASCAL sources

  • For every Atari
  • Algebraic programmable calculator

  • For every Atari
  • Save and restore the memory of the BOSS DR-5
    (drum box)
  • MIDI link

  • For Atari TT+graphic card and MultiTOS
  • Correct colors for icons
  • background image
  • Sound at start

  • For every Atari
  • Programmable desktop
TI Compiler

  • For DOS/Windows
  • High level language that outputs TI-58/59 codes
  • Links to various emulators
My Little Compiler

  • For TI 99/4A
  • Compiles a coded language integrated to BASIC
  • Gives a great speed from the TI Extended Basic
Microsoft COBOL

  • For PC/MS-DOS
  • Programming language, a powerful tool for data managment

You'll find here two lists. One with the articles published in french magazines. The other contains the programs I wrote for the Atari.

Articles (all in french):

Having little time, you'll just find there the sample TXT file with the associated images packed into a ZIP archive:

ZIP Size Description
Articles signed with nickname Arachide 35 Kb Gemtrade: test traducteur
Tech: lecteur disquette
Mountain: test
Parano: cachez vos données
Tech: scanners sur port //
Psycho: les écrans de veille
CARTGRAP 10 Kb Adapt your programs so they can run on a graphic card.
IMAGES 11 Kb Dithering (mono and 256 colors), how to read compressed TGA.
FORTHINI 15 Kb FORTH initiation (a serie of articles).
CASSTETE 18 Kb Programming little "logical" games.
FORTHGFA 10 Kb Create your own FORTH interpreter in GFA.
FICHIERS 13 Kb Program your own file searcher (with subdirectories) and calculate the actual size that your files use on your hard disk.
CATTAMAR 9 Kb Install your CaTTamaran 48MHz and test it.
HERTZ 14 Kb Actual frequencies of the DMA sound, timer programming.
OPTIMISE 7 Kb 68030 optimisation (ASM), GNU compiler.
BUREAU 3 Kb How to speed up the boot under Magic, memory occupation of the desk icons.
ANIMAT 16 Kb Create a VR (virtual reality) animation, how to call M_Player from your programs, dialog with Didier Mequignon.
EMUL 20 Kb 3 articles about the Supercharger (XT emulator) and one about TOSBOX (Atari emulator)
SUPERCHG 11 Kb the programs that came with one of the above articles about Supercharger
DIVERS 13 Kb 4 articles: TADS role game programmer, GHOSTLNK configuration under PC, Statistiques indiscrètes, PROGDESK presentation

The programs:

The following ZIP contain most of the programs I wrote for Atari, they come with their sources (Assembler most of the time):

ZIP Language Description
Bytes to Planes, conversions Convert images from 4 or 8 planes to bytes in both directions. ASM source and Pure C Object file.
System Recorder For a given program, records its system calls.(with doc, source, example)
BIG screen TT Extended resolutions on TT
DMAsound Computes the actual DMA sound frequencies (differencies are noted between STE, TT and Falcon...)
SUDOKU Solves or generates SUDOKU puzzles with 3 levels of difficulty, saves/prints, load, any machine, any resolution.
TIMER Tests the actual frequencies genarated by the MFP.
CALIMGFX corrects some bugs found in the IMG created by IMG.CDT or GEMIMG.CDT, drivers in Calamus.
M_PLAYER video player (Quick Time, Video for Windows, FLC, Mpeg, etc...), and video maker. For 68030, registered version compatible with Aranym.
MPLY_SRC M_Player's assembler sources
M_PLAYER.PDF M_Player documentation, various languages
MP_STE ST(E) version of M_Player
MPST_SRC ST version's assembler sources
MPST_DOC MP_STE documentation, various languages
FORTH FORTH editor, interpreter and compiler, versions 030/000, binaries and sources
Manuel FORTH FR Manuel du FORTH
FORTH Manual EN FORTH Manual
ENCYCLO CD-Roms driver for "Mon Encyclopédie" (Micro-Applications) color or black and white
ENCY_SRC ENCYCLO's assembler sources
EASY_BAT Little tool that helps you create your BAT files used in M_PLAYER to generate an animation. French and English binaries and docs.
TRAP10 A non-followed idea to extend the system capabilities. Binaries and documentation and sources.
PROGDESK A little tool to create a menu driven shell for your applications. Binaries+documentation+sources.
COLOR_TT Color icons and 3D windows for TT with TOS 3.05, 3.06. Sources and binaries.
COLOR_MS Color icons and 3D windows for Mega STE with TOS 2.05, 2.06. Sources and binaries.
COLORSTE Color icons and color windows with TOS 1.06, Binaries and sources.
FAMILLE Manage your family tree (photos, sounds, texts). French version.
FAMILY English version of the above.